Senior pictures aren't what they once were. Long ago, this milestone was commemorated with a classic, head-and-shoulders shot in a formal studio setting. Maybe there were a few poses, but that was it. You can see the best examples of this in school composites through the 1990s hanging in the hallways or sitting in flip books located inside high schools across the country. Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Times have changed. The "new" senior picture, of course, dives much further into the personality of the young man or young woman. Instruments, cars, clothing, sports apparel and other personal items go a long way in defining who the senior is. The days of cookie-cutter head shots, while a classic approach, are long gone.

At Waltner Media + Studios, we work hard to dig in, pull out and come up with the perfect pictures that say to you, your friends and your family, "This is me." We're not a stuffy photography studio, that's for sure, but we're not a fashion studio, either.  Our goal every time is to make you, you, whether we're in the studio or on location. So let's have a little fun.